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About De Grondslag

Our company in equestrian surfaces

The name “De Grondslag”, which means basis, originates from the idea that Ben Agterberg is the founder of the company. Ben Agterberg, still a fanatic of the equestrian sport in showjumping, started years ago with his three brothers at his father’s company: The Agterberg Company. Since 1988, he and his wife, Conny, have been the owners of an equestrian center called “De Utrechtse Manege”.


In 1992, Ben invited a course designer from the United Kingdom. this man said he worked for a company that processed fibers to stabilize sports fields. A week later, Ben was sitting with the entire PSV board in the UK. This meeting has led to one of the best soccer fields in The Netherlands.


Consequently, The Agterberg Company had its scoop in 1994 at the World Equestrian Games in The Hague. A lot went wrong during this event but looking at the riding surface, the overall reaction was nothing but praise. However, at the time, the surface still consisted of a mixture of sand, fibers and wood chips. Because thew mood chips broke too quickly due to intense sue, they were replaced by geotextile. At the 1998 European Championship in Arnhem, this turned out to be a fantastic improvement. 


Today, the surfaces are still made from good quality sand, geotextiles, and fibers. Since Ben continued to use the name “De Grondslag” since 2000, he has enough experience to give high-quality advice to both private individuals and events with a competition field. 


Ben Agterberg


As the owner of “De Grondslag BV”, I visit companies and competitions all over the world. I like to talk to riders and entrepreneurs and try to tailor my product entirely to everyone’s wishes. Whether I lay a riding surface in a dry desert climate or a wet sea climate, the soil must be of top quality at all times. Please contact me and let the founder himself convince you! 

Ben Agterberg

Rob Janssen

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Team de Grondslag

Our team of professionals


Matthew de Zeeuw

Employee since 2011

Rex Nederend

Employee since 2011

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